Critical Building Needs

Other buildings in the district need critical attention, such as roof, leak, and brick repairs. HVAC repairs and upgrades, new hot water tanks, new centralized controls and an upgrade of fire panels are needed.

What is included in the bond?

  • Vista Roof – $200,000
  • Custer Roof – $150,000
  • Central Roof – $150,000
  • Brick facade at Custer, install new grout, seal brick – $800,000
  • Skyline leak on North side of building, seal masonry – $600,000
  • Global HVAC Controls for Central, Eagleridge, Cascadia, Horizon, and Administration Building (motherboards and software) – $100,000
  • New heat valves at Vista – $300,000
  • New DDC control system to control thermostats at Skyline – $300,000
  • New (18) hot water tanks that are 15 years or older – $100,000
  • New fire panels at Eagleridge, Central, Horizon – $60,000
  • New DDC controls at 4 schools – $1,200,000

Plan Today, Thrive Tomorrow

“Right now our facility is costing us money and maintenance that we could be putting toward educational programs.”

Linda Quinn

Superintendent, Ferndale School District