Security & Safety Improvements

Schools in the past were designed to be inviting and sprawling campuses. Today, that is a safety and security issue, and Ferndale High School is too hard to secure. A new high school and renovations to all of Ferndale’s schools, including elementary and middle schools, will limit entry and require controlled access systems to funnel all visitors to the schools’ offices.

What improvements will be made?

All buildings currently serving students will receive additional security elements. These include:

  • Doors with access controls
  • Exterior LED lighting
  • Reconfiguration of entrances at some buildings
  • Additional exterior security elements to some buildings, such as fencing

Security Needs Improving

“With the recent school shootings around the nation it’s been extremely stressful for everyone in the school to be in such a spread-out campus because it’s so easy for anyone to come on campus at any time they want.”

Ellie Bader

2018 Graduate, Ferndale School District