Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of many questions about the bond that we’re hearing around the community and have done our best to answer those questions here. Click on a question below to toggle open the answer.

Community Oversight Committee

How was the Community Oversight Committee formed?

An independent citizen group coordinated the selection process for the Community Oversight Committee. For more information, please reach Riley Cornelsen at

Basic Criteria:

  • Must be a Ferndale School District resident
  • Cannot be a FSD employee, vendor, contractor, or consultant
  • Cannot be a current City of Ferndale employee or consultant
  • Must be willing to commit to the Committee throughout the scope of the Bond spending process

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experienced individual in a range of professions specific to the 2018 projects list
  • Good standing and reputation in the community for fairness and transparency
  • Active Community members (member of the Bond Task Force; volunteer history; etc)

Can the spouse of an FSD employee be on the committee?

A spouse of an FSD employee may be on the Oversight Committee as long as they meet the other criteria and are not a consultant with the Ferndale School District or an employee of the City of Ferndale.

What information/documents will the Community Oversight Committee have access to?

The Committee will have access to any and all information they feel is needed to oversee bond spending and to support member understanding of school district budgets and spending.

What are the Community Oversight Committee responsibilites?

The committee responsibilities are to make sure the projects are delivered:

  • On Time, ensuring projects are completed according to schedule.
  • On Budget, ensuring projects stay on track financially.
  • As Promised, ensuring projects match the commitments the District made to taxpayers.
  • With Transparency, ensuring all information is regularly shared with the community.

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