Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of many questions about the bond that we’re hearing around the community and have done our best to answer those questions here. Click on a question below to toggle open the answer.

FHS and the Performing Arts Center

What improvements would be made to the current Performing Arts Center (PAC)?

The current auditorium is a quality space that is structurally sound and can continue to be used for many years. As with any facility, there comes a point in time when mechanical updates are needed. Such is the case with the PAC, which will include the following updates:

  • Groundwater repairs
  • New sound and lighting systems
  • Roof repairs
  • New HVAC system
  • New sprinkler system
  • Technology upgrades

What are the parameters for the new high school and PAC?

The school will meet all building requirements for public school buildings while taking a fiscally responsible approach to finishes and construction. Our goal is to involve community members in the design of the school so that the aesthetic reflects our community’s preferences and priorities.

Are there existing bonds that we are currently paying for?

Yes, bond payments from the 2006 bond will retire in 2023.

Where will the new HS be built?

The new Ferndale High School will be built on the same campus as the current school. Current plans are to locate the new facility north of the existing gymnasium in the area of the existing practice fields.

How long will construction take?

If the bond passes in February of 2019, the process will begin immediately. The first phase will include planning with construction to follow. If all goes as planned, the building could open as early as 2022.

How will parking for students be impacted by construction?

Parking will be impacted during construction. We will do our best to minimize the disruption associated with construction.

How old is the high school?

The school was originally built in the 1930s and has had a series of additions throughout the years. The last major renovation/addition was completed in the 1970s, more than four decades ago. Minor improvements (new weight facility and some classroom conversions) were done as part of the 2006 bond.

Do we plan to build a new FHS that can be expanded to allow for new classrooms?

Yes, the high school will be built with common spaces (cafeteria, bathrooms, hallways, etc.) that allow for greater capacity. The building will also be designed so that classroom space can be easily added if needed to support future growth in student population.

Will students be moved mid-year?

Depending on construction completion, it is possible that students could move mid-year. If that were to be the case, high school administrators would work to support students and staff as they transition to the new space.

Will the cafeteria be bigger to allow for a closed campus?

The cafeteria space will be larger but the question of open or closed campus will be decided by our community and FHS Administrative Team.

What groups currently rent the PAC? When we re-build will we be able to rent the space to community groups?

Community groups will have the ability to rent the space as is the current practice.

Examples of group categories that rent the current space are:

  • College/university presentations & special speakers
  • Community dance recitals & performances
  • Community funerals/memorial services
  • Community musical concerts
  • Community safety forums
  • Community teacher workshops – rentals
  • Community theater group rehearsals and performances
  • Community weddings
  • Eagle Scout projects – concerts, fundraisers, etc.
  • FSD middle school dramatic rehearsals and productions
  • Graduations – local educational institutions
  • Local business annual meeting
  • Nationwide dramatic tour group workshop and performances
  • NWC athletic director conferences/trainings
  • NW youth leadership conferences
  • Political informational forums

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