Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of many questions about the bond that we’re hearing around the community and have done our best to answer those questions here. Click on a question below to toggle open the answer.


What is the PDC?

The “PDC” is the acronym for the Public Disclosure Commission, which is charged with campaign oversight. They provide guidance regarding election law and, in the case of school districts, provide boundaries regarding communication for Bond and Levy campaigns.

What is a school district employee's responsibility for providing information?

Ferndale School District employees are required to provide factual information about the bond. They may not advocate for or against the bond using school district time or resources.

Can teachers encourage parents/community members to register to vote at parent night?

Yes, teachers can encourage parents and community members to register to vote. The School District will be using all opportunities to provide information to our community including providing the opportunity to register to vote.

How can I access PDC information?

The Public Disclosure Commission website is informative and helpful to those who may have questions about the role of school districts in school related elections. For a link to school district related PDC info:

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