Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of many questions about the bond that we’re hearing around the community and have done our best to answer those questions here. Click on a question below to toggle open the answer.

Safety & Security and Critical Maintenance Projects

Safety & Security

What is safety & security?

Safety & Security is the term used to define projects that will increase our ability to provide a safe environment for student learning.

What is meant by access control?

Access control is designed to limit access to a single door at a school facility, requiring visitors to enter at the school main office. Mechanized controls for easy lockdown and cameras are components of access control. 

What buildings will receive additional security improvements?

All buildings currently serving students will receive additional security improvements if the bond passes in February 2019.

When will the safety and security upgrades begin?

The Ferndale School District plans to begin work on the safety & security projects as soon as money from the bond becomes available. Safety & security work could begin as early as the spring or summer of 2019.

Critical Maintenance Projects

Will critical maintenance needs be addressed throughout the district?

Yes. Top level maintenance needs throughout the district will be addressed with this bond.

What are the critical maintenance needs?

The critical maintenance needs are prioritized projects throughout the school district that need to be addressed in order to prolong the life of or to protect buildings from water damage and/or to ensure student learning is best supported by well-functioning spaces. The district is not able to cover the cost of these needs through the regular maintenance budget.

The list of critical maintenance projects was prioritized by the bond task force, in collaboration with district maintenance personnel and consultants. 

What are DDC Controls?

Direct Digital Controls (DDC) allow for centralized control of HVAC (heating/cooling) systems. The impact of DDC will result in utility and labor cost savings.   

Does the roofing budget for Central include portables?

The roofing budget for Central does not include portables.

That said, after Ferndale High School is re-built, the decrease in maintenance will free budget for maintenance projects not included in the plan for bond spending.

What is the repoint / seal at Custer’s façade?

Exterior brickwork at Custer Elementary is crumbling. Repointing the brick requires pulling out mortar, installing new mortar material and sealing the brickwork.

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